how do it feel be half od an supercouple
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It is only a fan account, so I cannot be sure about how Guy feels. But I am pretty sure from all these interviews that he did, it feels amazing to be half of the super couple and he is honored to be a part of it. Hope you got your answer :)

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Smith: Sometimes we'll open fan mail together. Guy rifles through it for the candy.
Wilson: It's something I look forward to.

DAYS’ Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith on their on-screen Marriage and real-life rapport. [From the latest SOD]

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Transcript of Guy Wilson interview with AfterBuzz


Yeah, so this took a few hours of my life and so I’m going to be that person who asks that you don’t C&P and take credit for it.  Reblog all you want, copy little sections for quote posts but please link back to this post if/when you do.  Because seriously - a 45 minute interview transcript with all of the links and stuff I’ve dropped in?  I kinda want credit for my work!

Thanks.  :)

There are no s.poilers in here either - they’re very good at talking around what is coming up so read on without fear!

Afterbuzz interview

Transcript by Jen / beautifulhigh / jennyreyn

(watch the video here)

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Guy Wilson walking the red carpet at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards [Part One] [Part Two]